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Youth Leagues: Girls

Winter Futsal Youth Leagues

Early Bird Registration: Opens November 19th, Closes December 12th.
$350 (U8-U9)    $450 (U10-HS)
Regular Registration: Opens December 13th, ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES JANUARY 3rd.
$400 (U8-U9)    $500 (U10-HS)


*Please make note that it is the teams responsibility to check the schedule daily for the first week. After the first week, no more changes will be made to the schedule. Schedule changes are not made upon request, they are made due to double bookings and other scheduling errors that are worked out the first week of the season.  We are excited to begin this session with you!

*Play day does not guarantee that those are the ONLY days your team will play on. Though we will try and keep majority of your games on those days, some extenuating circumstances require us to schedule on days that may not be your teams regular day.

 *New Policy: There will be NO reschedules, or scheduling requests.

November 26-30th, and December 24-31st there will be no games scheduled due to the Holidays.


Current Winter Leagues: Girls

League Play Day Schedule
U8 Saturday No Group
U9 Gold Saturday Schedule
U9 Silver Saturday Schedule
U10 Gold Fri/Sat No Group
U10 Silver Fri/Sat Schedule
U11 Gold Fri/Sat No Group
U11 Silver  Fri/Sat  Schedule
U12 Gold Mon/Sat Schedule
U12 Silver Saturday Schedule
U13 Gold Wed/ Sat No Group
U13 Silver Wed/ Sat Schedule
U14 Gold Tues/ Sat Schedule
U14 Silver Tues/Sat Schedule
U15 Gold Thursday Schedule
U15 Silver Thursday  No Group
HS JV Tuesday Schedule
HSV Tuesday Schedule
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