Developing Skilled Soccer Players

X-Elite Academy

X-Elite Academy

Our “X-Elite Academy” sessions are high end semi-private training with groups of no more than 6 kids. If you want your child to get the specialized training they need to catch up or stand out, this is the place for them! These are great trainings where technical skills in every area of soccer are covered.  This class is for kids that really want to get to that next level.  We have created more flexibility in the way you sign up for our classes. You may now choose to sign up for one day a week (8 Weeks) or two days a week (16 sessions total – 2 sessions per week for 8 weeks).

X-Elite fills up quick as there are only 6 total spots available at each age group.  It is first come, first serve for registration.  All X-Elite training spots sell out quickly SO REGISTER NOW!

*Academy training times will not conflict with game times for each age.


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