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UFA House Rules:

The Utah Futsal Arena (UFA) uses the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game as the primary reference and default source for our governing policies for all futsal played at the Arena. UFA has implemented some additional House Laws of the Game as well as modifications to the FIFA Laws. We have done so because we view the primary purpose of the Arena is to develop the skills of young players in a safe and organized environment as well as to create a more equal playing field to cultivate a more consistently competitive atmosphere.UFA House Laws 2014-2015
1. No Sliding
2. Substitutions may enter when substitute is within arms lengths of the substitution area.
3. Utah Futsal Arena House Rules Equipment required: shinguards, socks, futsal shoes (any shoe that has a flat rubber souls. NO CLEATS).
4. No food allowed on the courts of any kind. Only sealable drinks are allowed on the courts. This includes any type of drink that if knocked over will spill easily. (ex: soda cans, drinks from fast-food restaurants with plastic straws, open cups)
5. Team uniforms: If both teams are the same color jersey, the away team will wear practice vests provided by UFA.
6. Referee money must be given to the referee (in cash) before the game. Games will not start until referee fees are paid. If a team does not show up and thereby forfeits the game, the team present still has to pay their portion ($10) of referee fees as they still get to use the court space and get the 3 points for the win. We cannot accept  cards, checks, or exchange for bills for the referee fees. It is the teams responsibility to make sure you have the correct amount prior to each game.
7. Double Rostering: Split teams within the same division are allowed to double roster a maximum of 2 players. These players must be the SAME 2 players and must be on both rosters.
8. Each team is allowed a maximum of 9 players on the roster. This includes any double roster players.
9. The game clock does not stop, except for penalty kicks & at the discretion of the game official.
10. The ball must move forward on the kick-off.
11. Each team has a limit of two time-outs per game: one time-out each half.
12. 4 second rule: A player has 4 seconds to play the ball on any dead ball. This includes out of bounds, keeper throws, penalty kicks and corner kicks.
13. Passing back to the keeper: you are only allowed to pass the ball back to the keeper once the ball has either passed the half-court line or the opposing team has touched the ball. If a team is winning by 10 goals or more at half time both coaches can decide if they would like to use the remaining 20 minutes as practice time for their teams.
14. Ages U8-U12: on a keeper throw-in the ball must bounce before the half. On a keeper kick, the ball must bounce before the kick.


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